Political and economic stability will continue to be tested in 2021 as governments come under increasing pressure from the disruptive power of technology, terrorism, climate change, and other risks, all layered upon persistent upheaval from the COVID-19 pandemic. Whether we’re talking about the U.S.-China trade war or Brexit or climate change or the COVID-19 pandemic, the events of 2020 have highlighted that it’s impossible to separate geopolitical and political risks from other hazards in a typical enterprise risk management (ERM) framework. The Geopolitical and Cybersecurity Weekly Brief is now part of the subscription package of intelligence services provided by Cyjax and our partners A2 Global Risk. Typical engagements include country risk assessments, market assessments and strategic planning support and feature direct access to Stratfor's analysts, consultants and intelligence network. Geopolitical Intelligence Services AG. In order to get access to the full report, please contact info@cyjax.com or visit our explanatory service page info@cyjax.com or visit our explanatory service page In today’s complex, fluid, and globally interconnected business environment, decision-makers often struggle to effectively sift through the volumes of available data to find insights that help them make better business decisions about global business risks and prospects. Providing open source intelligence to embassies, consulates, and supporting government agencies to inform their foreign policy decisions. Business Intelligence Services Geopolitical Risk Assessments. Geopolitical Intelligence Services provide independent political intelligence, strategic analysis and future scenarios to companies, governments, organisations and individual leaders. in the European countries, officially called allies and partners of Ukraine. Geopolitical Intelligence Monitoring Services Busy executives often lack the time to spend hours monitoring an emerging crisis, or weeks tracking the development of a trade deal or the progress of critical legislation that could affect their business prospects. Geopolitical Intelligence (Pty) Ltd (hereafter known as GI ADVISORY) is a hybrid of research and security organisation; a strategy and advisory firm within the academic and private security sectors. Protect your organization’s physical assets against location-based threats anywhere in the world. OUR Services. The Estonian Foreign Intelligence Service publishes its annual report on international security and Estonia. Europe´s Leading Geopolitical News & Intelligence Network and a Google NewsPartner. TDI leverages our global network of political and commercial experts to provide geopolitical risk intelligence specific to our clients’ objectives—from market … Education Enabling educational institutions to remain competitive and enrich courses by empowering students with new tools and libraries with electronic resources. Geopolitical Intelligence Services is a research firm based in Liechtenstein. In other words, intelligence services represent a force multiplier than can enhance a country’s geopolitical standing and make it a relevant stakeholder in complex dynamics. Government policies, bilateral relations, political dynamics, and national security challenges are ever evolving in today’s globally connected economies. Geopolitical Intelligence Services . Their usage can decisively alter the balance of power. This fanpage will soon stop being active. Geopolitical Intelligence. +423 231 1941 Fax. December 17, 2020 • Ellen Wilson . At least … Continued GEOPolitical Matters.com delivers Daily Geopolitical News, Intelligence and Analysis focusing on AI, Regime, Corporate Security, Macroeconomic, Technology, Manufacturing, Energy, Climate, Cybercrime, Military and Terrorism matters. The GIG Global Intelligence Advisory program provides our clientele with the most comprehensive global intelligence and executive support services. To support organisations in making difficult decisions, our multi-lingual team of intelligence analysts are constantly monitoring global activity to distil and simplify the key facts, which are then published on the Geopolitical Risk Portal. Provided various clients with a thorough analysis of geopolitical and criminal concerns with respect to health, cultural practices, and customs. This new print was published today. GIS is not affiliated with any government, corporate or media agency. Chinese and Western Intelligence Services Hunting Down 5G Telecoms Executives You can actually participate in crippling the Deep State organized criminal cabal, while enjoying healthcare freedom at the same time, by boycotting Big Pharma for good. ; Methodology – Using intelligence analysis and assessment methodologies, we produce reports that are accessible, objective and unambiguous. US intelligence agencies attributed the attacks to the Russian state-sponsored group Sandworm, and i n 2020, the US indicted alleged Sandworm members. Geopolitical Intelligence Services AG ... George Friedman is an internationally recognized geopolitical forecaster and strategist on international affairs and the founder and chairman of Geopolitical Futures. Our Products & Services Read Stratfor Worldview, our premier digital publication, for objective geopolitical intelligence and analyses that reveal the underlying significance and future implications of emerging world events. #Zimbabwe is struggling again with an economic crisis. Attacks against vulnerable on-premise Microsoft Exchange servers continued apace this week. Although an oil importer, … Our most popular geopolitical intelligence offerings: Threat assessments Read more Read less We work with a wide range of organisations that require in-depth insight into the places they need to send their people; from news agencies deploying journalists to insecure regions to the NGOs sending workers to high-risk areas and corporations sending executives to volatile cities. This article was first published by GIS Reports Online. Intelligence Services. GIS. From temporary disruptions at a local facility, to millions of dollars in indirect costs, and even loss of life — the ripple effects of geopolitical or location-specific events are impacting private and public sector organizations in significant ways. GI ADVISORY was founded in 2019 by Major Lunga Dweba as an interfa ce between academics, government and business leaders. Geopolitical Intelligence Group provides global intelligence analysis and expertise for Government and Non-Governmental Organisations, Consultancies, and Multinational Organisations worldwide. Poland has traditionally been of particular interest. Incorporating Geopolitics into Threat Intelligence Reports & Country Risk Profiles Janes | The trusted source for defence intelligence - Unrivalled defence and security analysis - Military platforms - Threat intelligence - Industry awareness and advisory services Clients who partner with us benefit from our: Expert team – Our analysts and researchers are regional and subject-matter experts, understanding ground level threats as acutely as the wider geopolitical risks that influence them. The report is clearly Estonia-centric and is first-and-foremost meant as an informative tool to Estonian public, as well as policy makers. Ukrainian security services carry out active intelligence ops. Strategic Intelligence & Analysis. Our focus is to identify and forecast sources of geopolitical risk and opportunity as it pertains to our client’s industry and strategy. This is an online subscription service providing comprehensive insights on political and security risks that may impact a business’ operational viability. What Geopolitical Intelligence Means . In the reports of the SBU, SVR and GUR, information on Poland is priority 2 after Donbass and Russia.Here is the secret document of the SBU’s Lviv Regional Department dated July 2014. In order to get access to the full report, please contact info@cyjax.com or visit our explanatory service page here. Geopolitical Intelligence from Recorded Future provides the real-time alerts and threat-related references security teams and all-source analysts need from the broadest range and variety of OSINT sources and geopolitical risk sources — including social media and the dark web. The Geopolitical and Cybersecurity Weekly Brief is now part of the subscription package of intelligence services provided by Cyjax and our partners A2 Global Risk. Geopolitical Intelligence Arming you with the competitive advantage. China has a vast intelligence service, and the Chinese Central Committee has only 200 members or so. Geopolitical Intelligence Services . Constella delivers geopolitical intelligence and cybersecurity, ensuring you have time to act by proactively detecting relevant shifts in public opinion, hacktivism, and even sociopolitical unrest that may increase vulnerability or risk to your business. to make more informed decisions with insights into the current operating environment. We encourage you to follow us on Geopolitical Intelligence Services. Analysts conduct business, country, and sector assessments that evaluate political, economic, and security risk factors specific to your business. Why choose PGI’s Risk Portal. Geopolitical Intelligence Services AG Herrengasse 21 9490 Vaduz Liechtenstein Tel.